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It is easy and free to register with Livrantenportal. You own a company and want to sell your products or do you want to supply products? It's simple, sign up for the Livrantenportal app right now, enjoy the convenience and get the chance to introduce your company.

Company Presentation

Thanks to, you can easily promote your company and open up to the world as a member. All you have to do is create a membership and add your company. It is not difficult to open up to the world anymore!

Downloading the Application

The Livrantenportal application is very easy to use and download. You can get our application for mobile devices and start using it right away. Depending on the operating system of your mobile device, you can download our application from the links below.




LivrantenPortal is a B2B marketplace platform on which manufacturers, suppliers and distributors can trade with companies who want to purchase raw materials, finished products or services. In terms of sales volume, it is currently the most important model in B2B sales and the model that is one of the most important reasons for growth in B2B e-commerce.Buyers can search the LivrantenPortal by product type or directly in the manufacturer lists. The main goal of B2B marketplaces is to simplify everything related to shopping. These platforms can be generalistic or specialized in one area of activity, sell their own products or pure players can be simple intermediaries.


When it comes to digitization in sales, people think about creating their own website or application and starting sales on that website or application.Contrary to popular belief, e-commerce is not as easy as it seems. There are significant costs involved in setting up and tracking a website or application. Also, building the website or application is the easiest part of the job. They must follow closely, bear annual maintenance costs, spend time with the admin module, know what SEO is, and have extensive knowledge of digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing.Otherwise you will find that no one clicks on your website or finds its applications and has lost its usefulness over time.We have thought of everything for you.LivrantenPortal doesn't bring you to the customer, but to your customer. We pride ourselves on serving you with millions of products, thousands of customers, and hundreds of suppliers.We are always with you, with its user-friendly, practical interface and reliable company. A team working 24/7 for your satisfaction.Since our priority is safety, accepted suppliers and customers offer service after passing the approval phases.With the freedom to buy the product you want from the company you want, Livrantenportal will always work for you.Livrantenportal is the best regional platform for trade.

The fastest way to order products.

The Livrantenportal app is now on mobile!

Use innovative supplier search preferences or create your requests with our Livrantenportal app for buyers.

You can download it now from the App Store!


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